"Dear Elena, Thank you so much for all you did to help my studio at UTA. Your dedication to excellence is a joy to work with!"

— Catherine Forbes, Viola Professor at University of Texas at Arlington

"Elena, Thank you for the most helpful, professional and educational presentation I have ever attended. Your ideas and knowledge of piano technique has an untold value for all who listened and admired your method. I am most grateful for your workshop."

— Jacqueline Schroeder, piano teacher, member of MCPTA

"Dear Elena, You did a superb job rehearsing and performing on the English recital and I am most grateful to you. It was a real joy to present the recital with you and I do hope we will play together again!"

— Ellen Rose, Principal Violist of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra

"Dear Ms. Elena, You are a very good pianist as well as a teacher. I enjoy being one of your students."

— Kieran McGartoll

"Dear Miss Elena, You are the best teacher I have ever had!"

— Patrick McGartoll

"Dear Elena, Thank you so much for accompanying me. I absolutely love working with you and have learned so much from our rehearsals. Thank you again, you are great!"

— Margie Whites

"I started taking lessons from Elena in June of 2004. Her passion for music is contagious. Her technique is incredible. I have learned so much during the last 14 years. I wish I had started with her when I was young, and I am very thankful that my kids had this chance. It’s amazing how much they have learned in such a short period. Elena is a very special teacher, and I feel very blessed to have been her student for all those years."

— Paula Alencar, adult student

"Elena has been my teacher for over 14 years. As an adult amateur, I’ve taken lessons from many different teachers (including university level piano professors), but Elena is the best. My playing has improved dramatically under her direction. Elena diagnosed and corrected many bad habits I’d developed over the years and has helped me with technical problems that I thought were insurmountable. She pays close attention to the smallest details of her students’ playing and gives expert advice on how to fix various performance difficulties. Although she expects hard work from us and holds us to a very high standard, she is warm and generous with praise and extraordinarily supportive of all her students. I credit Elena with giving me a whole new outlook on playing piano and on music in general and count myself very lucky to have her as my teacher."

— Judy Sherrard, adult student